After a ridiculously early start to winter (snow in October), spring has fin.a.lly arrived in Philadelphia. I am outside with the laptop while the girls pull every toy out of the shed.

Sydney has a jumprope, “I jump. Watch. Jump.” She is too young to jump and is at that hilarious stage where every part of her but the balls of her feet leave the ground in a joyous kind of shrug.

Audrey and Georgia brought out their Build-a-Bears and are having them all take turns riding the trikes.

Love this weather!!!

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2 comments to Spring!

  • suzannah

    finally! dylan and i have spent every minute outside since yesterday afternoon. bliss:)

    i just hope we get some mild weather still. it went from 30 degrees to 85! but the SUN is shining, so i don’t want to complain:)

    have a beautiful weekend!

  • Mel @ A Box of Chocolates

    It is absolutely beautiful here already today. I have to unpack from vacation last week though. Darn it. Trying to get the kids out back to play some though and hopefully by this afternoon my chores will be finished. Enjoy the spring, almost summer like, weather!!

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