Easter traditions

As Christians, Rich and I try to be very intentional about teaching our girls about our faith. And the most important time of the year for Christianity is Easter. Regular readers of my blog might remember that I love Christmas, and I love Easter, too. But Easter seems to be a calmer, more introspective holiday somehow.
The main way we teach our girls about the meaning of Easter is through the Resurrection Eggs. This is a set of twelve plastic eggs that comes with a discussion book. Inside each egg is a miniature that helps children understand another aspect of the Easter story. As children open the eggs and explore the miniatures, parents can read related Bible passages or simply explain what each item represents.
Usually, in the days and weeks leading up to Easter, we open a few eggs on several different nights and talk about them. Our girls really love the Resurrection Eggs and we have found them a wonderful tool to make the events of Holy Week much more meaningful to them.

Last year, I found an amazing recipe on Scribbit for “Balloon Buns.” They are great for Easter! Basically, they are sweet dough wrapped around a big marshmallow. After they are baked, you break them open and the marshmallow inside has melted, leaving an empty “tomb.” I called them Resurrection Rolls, and they were delicious. I am planning to make them again next year.
A recipe with a similar message but a longer lesson is Resurrection Cookies. I am planning to make these some year, but I think we will stick with the rolls for this year.
Tonight we will be having an early Easter dinner and egg hunt with our Bible study group. There are 15 children, ranging in age from 4 weeks to 8 years old, so that is a lot of fun for the kids. We also do Easter baskets, because they are fun and we feel that it is important for children to associate Easter with happiness and joy. Hopefully we will remember to go to the township Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning, too. That is always a good time!
We will be going to our church’s Good Friday service, where there is also a children’s program, and then of course on Easter Morning. Then after church we will be going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Easter dinner. What are your Easter traditions? How do you teach your children about Easter?
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