Decisions about Audrey, part 3

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Although the administration at Audrey’s school had decided that she was not a good candidate for whole-grade acceleration (skipping first grade), we had become convinced that this was the best course of action for her. After our meeting with “them,” we took a few days to decompress and regroup. We continued discussing all of the issues they had brought up, mainly that if Audrey skipped a grade that she would not be driving when all of her friends would.

In all of our thinking and praying, we still felt that she should be in second grade next year. We think that she will be happier both socially and academically. So, of course, I did more research. I found a tool called the Iowa Acceleration Scale, which helps parents and schools decide if a child should be accelerated or not by considering all of the different factors involved. We bought it and after going through it found that it validated our feelings.

We wrote a letter to the principal and cc’d it to the superintendent saying that we thought Audrey should be placed in second grade next year and that if they wanted to meet to discuss it further, we would be happy to do so. Rich went and picked Audrey up from school that day and delivered the letters. Mrs. F (Audrey’s kindergarten teacher) talked to him about it for a while. She said that she was glad we were pursuing the matter. She also said that after the meeting she had asked the principal what we could do now, and he said that we could fight it and would probably get the acceleration.

Involving the superintendent was the right move. The next day we got a phone call from the principal telling us (very politely) that there would be another meeting to decide about Audrey’s placement. If we wanted to submit any more information for consideration, we were free to do so.

I went right to work, and wrote up a five page paper with supporting articles explaining why we think Audrey should be in second grade next year. Now we just have to wait for the meeting (hopefully this week), and we should finally have an answer.

We are cautiously optimistic.

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1 comment to Decisions about Audrey, part 3

  • Delilah

    I’m so glad to read these latest developments. I think you have a very solid case for acceleration. You really are doing a tremendous job with this!

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